ABC Events Ranking 2020

First place

Natalya Efimova

Winning €750.00

second place

lubomira Hromkova

Winning €500.00

Third place

Lesley Peeters

Winning €300.00

Fourth place

Frederic Baelus

Winning €250.00

Fourth place

Lorenzo Van Hole

Winning €250.00

How does the ABC ranking work?

Athletes can qualify for this ranking by participating in competitions organized by ABC Events and BIFBB. Every athlete who participates in

  • Beach Classics
  • Winter Classics
  • Heroes Cup
  • BIFBB Belgian Championships
  • IFBB Diamond Cup Belgium

is automatically placed in the ranking. The more competitions you do and the better your results, the higher you will rank.

For every contest organized, €1000 will go to the prize pool. The total amount is then divided among the top 5 of the ABC ranking.
In 2020 we manage to organize 2 contests. So, there was 2000€ in the prize pool. We divide this price as follow (price for top 5)

2020 top 5 prize pool

  1. €750.00
  2. €500.00
  3. €300.00
  4. €250.00 tied for 4th place
  5. €250.00 tied for 4th place