ABC Events Ranking 2020

First place

Natalya Efimova

Winning €750.00

Second place

lubomira Hromkova

Winning €500.00

Third place

Lesley Peeters

Winning €300.00

Fourth place

Frederic Baelus

Winning €250.00

Fourth place

Lorenzo Van Hole

Winning €250.00

You’re information

Congratulations you made the top 5 on the 2020 ABC Ranking. We want to thank you for your participation and we hope that we can also welcome you to our contests in 2021. We have a busy agenda planned for you.

Be ready!

2020 top 5 prize pool

  1. Natalya Efimova – €750.00
  2. Lubomira hromkova – €500.00
  3. Lesley Peeters – €300.00
  4. Frederic Baelus – €250.00 tied for 4th place
  5. Lorenzo Van Hole- €250.00 tied for 4th place

Please note, this prize is a taxable income. You must state this in your taxable income in your home country. Check the legislation in your country or contact your accountant. We are in no way responsible for non-compliance with these obligations.

Please fill out this form to get your prize. DEADLINE request February 28, 2021. Maximum 30 days after deadline registration the prize will be transferred automatically to your account.